"Do you remember when Marilyn Monroe died? Everybody stopped work, and you could see all that day the same expressions on their faces, the same thought: ‘How can a girl with success, fame, youth, money, beauty … how could she kill herself?’ Nobody could understand it because those are the things that everybody wants, and they can’t believe that life wasn’t important to Marilyn Monroe, or that her life was elsewhere."  —Marlon Brando

”It may sound peculiar to say so, because she is no longer with us, but we were very close. Once when we were doing that picture together, I got a call on the set: my younger daughter had had a fall. I ran home and the one person to call was Marilyn. She did an awful lot to boost things up for movies when everything was at a low state; there’ll never be anyone like her for looks, for attitude, for all of it. “— Betty Grable

"I have great faith that her career would have continued. She was one of the greatest draws in the history of motion pictures, and today I think she would have been tops. Marilyn had a childlike quality which made men adore her. Yet women weren’t jealous. Like John Wayne and a few other giants, she had a star quality that had nothing to do with acting… . What women in pictures can compare with her today? Nobody." - Ben Lyon

"Never a week passes when I don’t wish she was still around." - Billy Wilder

"She will go on eternally." - Jackie Kennedy Onassis 
Rest In Peace Marilyn Monroe/Norma Jeane Baker.
1st June 1926 - 4th August 1962 ∞.

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"I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person."

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"Our bodies could be skin on skin and I’d still pull you closer."

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